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The Dalgety Public House began its story in the famous Teneriffe woolsheds more than 100 years ago.

By the roaring 20’s, as railways were fully established and wool export was booming, the well established original tenants ‘Dalgety and Co Ltd’ first began to make a name for themselves as a wool exporter and the first pastoral company to move into Teneriffe.

Whilst the wool stores have seen an array of changes over time, most recently becoming an exclusive precinct and home to various bars and residences, The Dalgety Public House wants to bring an new offering to the woolstores, honouring the deep history that the Dalgety Company started so long before, whilst creating a modern, unpretentious gastro-pub atmosphere we would all love to come home to – truly your new local!

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Teneriffes New Local

What to expect at Dalgety

Passing through the shade of the majestic Moreton Bay figs that grace the streets of the Teneriffe Woolstore Precinct and entering into the warmth of the Dalgety Public House you can’t help but feel at home.

With a modern décor styled in natural timbers and cool concrete, accented with copper pipes and cosy details, the vibe is decidedly Modern Australian.

Add to this a unique sharing menu and a brilliant selection of wines, spirits, craft beers and classics (read: Melbourne Bitters and Fosters on tap) and it’s hard not to settle in for a few at Brisbane’s new local.

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